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Adult Deluxe PonchoAdult Deluxe PonchoThis deluxe adult nylon poncho will keep you dry with mother nature won't. 52X80 Hooded with draw string. One size fits all.
Body Warmer PacketsBody Warmer PacketsStay warm with these body warmers that heat up in just minutes. They last for 16-20 hours and heat up to 150 degrees with an average temperature of 130 degrees. Place within your sleeping bag or under clothing for optimal results.
Child Deluxe PonchChild Deluxe PonchEmergency Poncho (Children's Size) This heavy-duty poncho is made of brightly colored P.V.C. for high visibility and safety. Fits 7 to 10 years. Hooded with string.
Emergency BlanketEmergency BlanketThese blankets are commonly referred to as "Space Blankets" and retain 90% of an individuals body heat to keep warm in cold conditions. It protects against wind and rain. Not as effective as our Emergency Survival Sleeping Bags but is more economical.
Emergency Survival Sleeping BagEmergency Survival Sleeping BagThese sleeping bags protect an individual much more than the basic outdated space blankets. The bags are waterproof and windproof and retain 90% of your body heat.
Fuel Tablets for Portable StoveFuel Tablets for Portable StovePack of 8 solid Fuel Tablets For use in solid fuel stoves, barbeques, and campfires. Made for StanSport Fold-A-Stove (LH001). Burns clean without odor and ignites easily. 24 fuel tablets included.
Magnesium Fire StarterMagnesium Fire StarterThis Fire Starter is sure to get you fired up no matter the weather conditions. No worry on having wet matches. Start your fire anytime anywhere.
Portable Stove with 8 Fuel TabletsPortable Stove with 8 Fuel TabletsNeed cook in the outdoors then try this Portable Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets.
Slow burn Emergency Candles 5 PackSlow burn Emergency Candles 5 PackSlow Burning Emergency Candles Pack of 5 Designed for use with most candle lanterns. Each candle burns approximately five hours when used in a lantern. Ideal for camping and emergencies
Tube Tent 2 PersonTube Tent 2 PersonMake sure your survival gear has one of these - Tube Tent -Accommodates up to two (2) people
Waterproof Matches Box of 45Waterproof Matches Box of 45Great matches that work when wet.

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