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Emergency Survival Kits and Supplies

Follow the scout motto: Be Prepared! Every person or family should have emergency survival kits with a minimum of 72 hours of emergency supplies, to sustain them until disaster relief arrives. Have an emergency preparedness plan. Get the emergency supplies you need at an affordable price: First Aid Kit, Earthquake Survival kit, Family Emergency Survival kit, Office Emergency Survival kit, School Emergency Survival kit, Individual Emergency Survival kit, Pet Survival kit, and all the addittional items to fill your disaster preparedness kit. We take Disaster Preparedness seriously and provide you one stop shopping.

Most experts today agree that following an emergency or disaster, it may take up to 72 hours, many times longer, for emergency services to arrive with help. So get started with an Earthquake Survival kit, or Deluxe Emergency Survival kit, to cover the basics. Then you can add any addittional emergency supplies like extra food, and water if you'd prefer to have a little more insurance. Disaster won't wait for you to get prepared, it can strike at any time. Don't delay, get prepared, get your Earthquake Survival kit today!

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