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Customize Your Kit

Choose First Aid Supplies:

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Who knows better than you as to your specific needs in an emergency situation. We will simply guide you through the process, and you can choose the items you need for your personalized survival kit.

Ace Bandage 2 inchAce Bandage (2'' x 5 Yds.)
Antibiotic OintmentAntibiotic Ointment (Box of 144)
Antiseptic TowelettesAntiseptic Towelettes (Box of 100)
Blood Stopper Trama DressingBloodstooper Trauma Dressing
Burn SprayBurn Spray (3 Oz.)
Face Masks Box 5050 3 ply face masks with blue polypropylene spun bound outer layer
Gauze Roll 3 inch box 123'' x 5 Yds. Kling Gauze Rolls individual weight 1 oz (Non Sterile, 12 Rolls)
Insect Sting Relief Box 10Insect Sting Relief (Box of 10)
Knuckle Bandages Box 100Knuckle Bandages (Woven, Box of 100)
Large Patch Bandage 2X3 Box 252'' x 3'' Large Patch Bandage (Box of 25)
SAM Splint 18 inchSAM Splint (18'')
SAM Splint 36 inchSAM Splint (36'')
SAM Splint 9 inchSAM Splint (9'')
Sterile Gauze Pads 2 inch box 1002'' x 2'' Sterile Gauze Pads (Box of 100)
Sterile Gauze Pads 4 inch X 4 inch Box 1004'' x 4'' Sterile Gauze Pads (Box of 100)
107 Piece First Aid KitThis handy 107 Piece First Aid Kit in Plastic Case is a great size to fit in a pack or car.
234 Piece First Aid KitThis FIRST AID KIT (234 Piece) comes in a nice carry case with a handle for convenience. This kit is one of our most poular, and has a great variety of items to help protect you and your family.
54 Piece First Aid KitSmall and compact, this 54 Piece First Aid Kit can go with you anywhere. 52 pieces of take anywhere first aid supplies in a locking plastic container.
First Aid Fanny PackYou will be prepared for whatever minior injury crosses your path with the Guardian First Aid Fanny Pack (48 Piece).
First Aid Responder KitYou will be ready to help at a moments notice with this complete First Aid Trauma "Responder" Kit (25 Person).
Mini First Aid Kit42 Piece Pocket first aid kit you can take with you anywhere.

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