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Packs for Survival Blog

The east coast of the United States just can’t catch a break, after many days of heavy snow, wind and, freezing temperatures. The best survival tip is to have prepared ahead of time, but for those that have not, we have some other tips that can help.
First and foremost for survival, in the wilderness, or in your home, is water. We each need 2 quarts of water each day to maintain us. The best advice is to stock up on bottled water, or collect water by other means. In a desperate frenzy you could fill a bath tub or sink with water. If you have access to your hot water heater you can also use the water stored in it to drink. There is a valve at the bottom of most water heaters. The trick is to run off some of the water because the rust inside the hot water heater tank collects at the bottom. So let it run until the water turns clear, and then it’s safe to drink. One last little thought of water source, is your toilet. No I’m not suggesting you drink from the bowl, but the tank behind the toilet bowl, holds anywhere from 2 – 5 gallons of clean water (That is if you don’t flush it away when there is no water supplied to your home).
Many of you might think that the next survival tip would talk about food, but actually more important than that is staying warm and dry. You can survival up to 30 days without food, but it is a necessity to stay warm and dry. The best advice is to choose one room in your home, preferably located near the center of the house away from outside walls, that all of your group can fit into. Then take blankets, sheets, table cloths or any other material and cover all doors and windows, to keep the heat in. The more members you have in the room the more body heat will be generated, and snuggle together is even better.
If you have no other source of light or heat, you can create your own survival candle from a soda can, olive oil, and a paper towel. Fill the soda can 2/3 of the way with the olive oil, roll the paper towel and place all but 1/2 an inch into the can of olive oil. Light the end of the paper towel and you have your own homemade survival candle.
The last and best tip for survival is to be creative, and think outside the box. Learn to use what you have in non-standard ways. Remember your brain is your most important survival asset, and if you can’t prepare for survival in advance, use it, and whatever items you have smartly, and you’ll have a good chance at survival.
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