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The last 24 hours have seen major earthquake activity around the Pacific. It started with the Figi Island quake at 17:19 UTC on May 23rd, registering at 7.4 in magnitude.  The Figi Islands sit almost on top of the convergence of the Australian and Pacific Plates, and can be a very active region.  The second earthquake came only  a few hours later at 21:07 UTC, and may have been an aftershock. It registered as a magnitude 6.6 in the Tonga Islands. Then early on May 24th at 03:47UTC Northern California experienced a 5.9 magnitude quake, with its epicenter new Susanville, and felt as far away as San Francisco, and two other states. An aftershock followed only two hours later at a magnitude of 4.5. At 05:44UTC a huge earthquake of magnitude 8.2 struck off the coast of Russia, at a depth of 601km. The duration of the quake was reported at approximately 5 minutes, and was felt in Moscow, 4400 miles away. The earthquake was so deep that no tsunami was generated. Later in the day at 14:56UTC in the Okhotsk region a 6.8 magnitude quake was recorded, which may have been an aftershock.

Ever since the massive earthquake that struck Japan in 2011, the Pacific plate has been shifting pressure. These huge quakes representing major pressure shifts should be a wakeup call to the Pacific Northwest, and the west coast in general.  At some point the pressure is going to have to be released from our side of the Pacific Plate, and when it does, it is going to look very similar to what Japan experienced in 2011.

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