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Today marks the closest approach of Mars for 2012. Also today another first for 2012, the long anticipated X-Class Solar Flare. In ancient times these may have been perceived as related events. While the ancients may have not had so many susceptible electronic devices in their daily lives as we do, they would have still seen some effects. Mars the god of war could have been construed as being angry for some reason, causing auroras that could be seen down to mid-latitudes.

The X-Class Flare that was observed at 04:13 UTC this morning was not Earth directed, however, these X-Class flares are so powerful that aurora's will still be visible in higher latitudes. These high intensity solar flares are expected to appear and grow in strength as the year progresses, and we move toward our sun's solar maximum in early 2013. If just one of these high intensity flares hits Earth head on it could have long lasting impacts on our society. The satellites in orbit that we depend on for communication, weather, monitoring, and entertainment could all be fried. The power lines that crisscross our country, and other countries of the world act as huge antenna, and could very like channel enough energy into our power grids to complete overload and burn out millions of transformers, leaving us in the dark ages.

Most people won't take any action now to prepare, because they don't understand just how devastating this could be. Image no power for months, or even years. The things we take for granted would all be crippled. There would be no power to pump water to our homes, no sewer treatment, no electricity to refine oil into gas or diesel. There would be no delivery trucks transporting food, clothing, and supplies. Manufacturers of medicine would halt, communications would return to word of mouth, or possibly an old Pony Express style of mail. Heating and Cooking would return to primarily wood burning. Transportation as a whole would be limited to horseback, bicycle or walking.

Some individuals might have electric powered cars that charge off of solar, but that's about the limit of technology that would be functioning. Many are reading this and thinking the power wouldn't be out that long, the government would just replace those destroyed transformers. Well the fact is that when you consider millions of these transformers are spread throughout the country, and that there is normally only about enough pre-manufactured transformers to replace about 5% of those, and limited means to manufacture more once the grid is knocked out, you begin to see the problem.

Each family can do something right now to ensure their survival. They can prepare! Take action and assemble or purchase the survival supplies you will need to withstand this or other types of disasters. You don't have to buy everything all at once, and some items you probably already have. The key is to get a little something every payday, and start putting it away for you long term storage. Think of it as a savings plan of supplies, because when the lights go out, money doesn't taste so good!
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