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Edibility Test

Inspect: Try to identify the plant. Check that it is not slimy or worm-eaten. Don’t risk eating old, withered pants.

Smell: Crush a small portion of the plant. If it smells of bitter almonds or peaches then discard it.

Skin Test: Squeeze some juice or rub slightly on tender skin (example: under your upper arm. If a rash, swelling or other discomforts is experienced then discard it.

Lips, Mouth, and Tongue: If no irritation to this point then proceed to the following stages. Wait at least 15 seconds between each of the following checks to ensure that there is no reaction –

     Place a small portion on your lips – then wait

     Place a small portion in the corner of your mouth – then wait

     Place a small portion on the tip of your tongue – then wait

     Place a small portion under your tongue – then wait

     Chew a small portion – then wait

If discomfort is felt at any stage like soreness to the throat, any irritation, stinging or burning, then discard.

Swallow: Ingest a small amount as the final test, and wait five hours, drinking or eating nothing else during this time.

Eating: if no reactions are experienced, such as, soreness to mouth, repeated belching, nausea, stomach or abdominal pains, then plant may be considered safe.

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