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We have all seen how devastating Mother Nature’s disasters can be.  Our country in the last year or so has seen unexpected earthquakes, relentless tornadoes, brutal winter storms, massive floods, and one of the worst hurricane seasons in years. Do you think your family can survive one of these disasters without an emergency survival kit, or adequate survival supplies? How long do you think it would be before help would arrive?

What we generally hear from “experts” is that we need to have an emergency survival kit with supplies to last 72 hours. This will definitely improve your odds of survival, but in a major disaster do you really believe that the local, state, or federal government can get to everyone in only three days? It’s time for a reality check. In the Haiti earthquake it was 2-3 days for small teams to get in and begin assessing the situation. It was more than 5 days before organized rescue efforts were underway.  In areas with transportation routes cut off or destroyed by the earthquake, it was much longer.  Most of these people had no emergency survival kit, or survival supplies, and many perished. Following the Chile earthquake, victims stated that 4 days following the earthquake they still had yet to see any help. Most of the inhabitants of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina had no emergency survival kit, and it was 3 days before search and rescue efforts even began in moderate numbers. Many were not reached for 6 days or longer. Most people think oh three to seven days, I have plenty of stuff around the house to eat and drink. What if you are in your car, or not at home when disaster strikes? What if your supplies are destroyed, become inaccessible, or contaminated? Do you think that many of the victims of the previously mentioned disasters might have thought the same thing?

You and your family need to consider the area you live in, and the types of potential disasters you could be exposed to, in order to answer the question you may be asking yourself, “What amount of supplies should I have in my emergency survival kit”.  Earth Sciences Information Officer for the Oregon Department of Geology, James Roddey, had this to say about earthquake and disaster preparation. Earthquakes take a huge toll on our infrastructure including bridges, water delivery, sewer, power, etc… He goes on to say that we should not count on any level of government; it’s up to us as individuals, and communities to be prepared. Following a large disaster it could take a month for power to be restored. You could likely be on your own for a while.  I think he summed it up with this statement, “Disasters are inevitable, survival is optional.”

Think about you and your family following a disaster, with potentially no food, no clean water, no power, and no help from the government, how would you survive?  An emergency survival kit, or adequate emergency supplies, can save your families lives, if you plan ahead. With the potential threats we face in 2012, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, solar flares, asteroids, possible pole shift, floods, tsunami, volcanoes, raging winter storms, don’t you think you should take action now? You buy car, health, home, and life insurance, so why are you not getting Survival Insurance? It cost far less than the others and you are more likely to use it. So don’t procrastinate, act now! Purchase or assemble an emergency survival kit, and ensure you have enough survival supplies to survive till help can arrive!

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