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Late Tuesday evening a 7.4 magnitude earthquake stuck off the coast of Japan, once again. The earthquake centered about 207 miles from Tokyo, shook buldings there for a full minute.  A Tsunami warning went out to the lower lying areas telling residents to evacuate. A possible 6 foot wave was expected, but 90 minutes later the warning was lifted.

A Pacific Tsunami Warning Center evaluation of the quake said it was not expected to create a tsunami threat in Hawaii or on the U.S. West Coast. There have been no Tsunami warnings issued for the US West Coast, Hawaii, or Alaska at this time.

The latest quake knocked power out at several nuclear power plants, forcing the plants to operate on emergency power. None of the damage to nuclear sites posed any danger at the moment. Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant reports no immediate sign of new problems caused by the aftershock. Two workers there were evacuated and seven at a sister plant to the south that was not badly damaged.

In Ichinoseki, inland from Japan's eastern coast, buildings shook violently, knocking items from shelves and toppling furniture, but there was no heavy damage to the buildings themselves. Immediately after the quake, all power was cut. The city went dark, but cars drove around normally and people assembled in the streets despite the late hour.

This quake struck at about the same location and depth as the March 11th quake. It's the strongest of the more than 1,000 aftershocks that have been felt since, except for a 7.9 aftershock that day.

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