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Solar storms are coming. The current solar maximum is projected to peak in late 2012 to early 2013. World organizations and governments are quietly organizing. What are our governments, and scientists doing to prepare. We know that they have been meeting with increased frequency, and diversity, but what answers or information have they given us about the very likely upcoming solar storm activity? What instructions have they given us about preparation?

The truth is the world governments and organizations are having a difficult time trying to plan for the potential upcoming solar super storm. The numbers of people that will be affected are just too great for them to come up with a plan to take care of everyone. They will surely come up with a plan, but they will only be able to protect a finite number of people. So the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves.

In order to address what you’ll need to prepare for an upcoming solar super storm, we must look at what the effects of such a storm will be. The satellites that surround the earth will be the first casualties of an extreme coronal mass ejection. Some scientist suggest that if they are put into a sleep like mode that they could survive. The shear amounts of energy that will bombard the electrical systems in these satellites lead us to believe otherwise. So communications are the first losses we will suffer. Cell phones, internet, television, and government coordination will cease. Next to go are the huge transformers at the power stations on the daylight side of the earth. When these transformers blow, they are more than likely be irreparable, at least on-site. The effect will be the loss of power grids across that side of the globe. Transportation will likely be greatly reduced as production, and distribution of fuels will be impacted.

With no power, short rang communication only, and scarce supply lines, communities will be forced to work together to survive. Medical supplies, food, and clean water will be the primary items needed for survival. Depending on where you live and the time of year, staying warm may also be an important consideration.

Many neighborhoods have begun setting up Community Emergency Response Teams or CERT. These organizations are preparing to help following many different types of disasters, and emergencies. They consist of professional police officers, fire fighters and emergency medical personnel, and they also train others in the neighborhood to assist in many different rolls. While these types of organizations will be vital in each community, individuals also need to prepare.

Each family should already have short term emergency survival kits that will last them for at least 72 hours, but more will be needed. It is recommended for individuals to keep their homes stocked with a decent amount of non-perishable foods. With no electricity food in refrigerators and freezers will need to be cooked and eaten in short order. It is also important to have a good supply of some MRE’s or non-perishable meals that have a long shelf life. It will be important to have camp stoves, barbeques, or emergency portable stoves with fuel tablets, to be able to cook with, boil water, and wash with. Lighting will be necessary in the night time hours, and batteries will only get you so far. We recommend lighting that uses human, or solar power to charge them up. For clean water you will either need to boil it, or have a way to purify it. Water purification tablets, and micro-water filters like those used when camping are best.

You can be prepared for the solar super storm, but it will take action on everyone’s part to stock up on the essentials. Communities, of individuals working together will be key, and these organizations need support, and supplies to be ready to assist for what ever emergency arises. So don’t wait, take action now to prepare your family for whatever the future may bring.

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