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Honshu Japan, has been getting hammered in the month of February by earthquake, after earthquake. The fury started on February 10th with the largest of the barrage measuring in at a magnitude 5.4 centered near Koriyama. This quake was felt over half of the Japanese Island of Honshu. A magnitude 5.2 jolted those near the city of Fukushima, on February 15th.  On the 17th a smaller 4.8 quake rocked the Koriyama neighborhood again. February 21st brought on yet another magnitude 5.0 this time near the city of Wakayama. Finally on the 26th the twins arrived only minutes apart. The first a magnitude 5.1 strikes near Sendai. On it's heals a mere 58 minutes later is it's twin a 5.2 that stirs up the city of Iwaki.

While Japan is one of the best prepared countries in the world for earthquakes, all of this activity makes you wonder if they may be in for the big one soon?

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