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  1. Severe thunderstorm activity has gotten off to a rapid start so far in April, and the severe weather season is just starting.

    We're not even halfway through the month and we have 2,935  combined reports of damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes across the central and eastern states. This is 86 percent of April's entire month 10-year average (2000-2009)  in only the first 11 days! This includes a widespread wind damage event from April 4-5 and a record-breaking number of tornadoes in a single April day for Wisconsin last Sunday.

  2. The last Earthquake that hit off the coast of Japan a couple of days ago left millions powerless. The quake shook the already battered communities from the huge 9.0magnitude  earthquake on March 11th, and reset most of the progress that had been made since. The latest quake knocked out six conventional power plants in the area, though three have since come back on line and the others should be up again soon. About 950,000 households were still without electricity Friday evening local time.

  3. Late Tuesday evening a 7.4 magnitude earthquake stuck off the coast of Japan, once again. The earthquake centered about 207 miles from Tokyo, shook buldings there for a full minute.  A Tsunami warning went out to the lower lying areas telling residents to evacuate. A possible 6 foot wave was expected, but 90 minutes later the warning was lifted.

    A Pacific Tsunami Warning Center evaluation of the quake said it was not expected to create a tsunami threat in Hawaii or on the U.S.

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