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  1. Honshu Japan, has been getting hammered in the month of February by earthquake, after earthquake. The fury started on February 10th with the largest of the barrage measuring in at a magnitude 5.4 centered near Koriyama. This quake was felt over half of the Japanese Island of Honshu. A magnitude 5.2 jolted those near the city of Fukushima, on February 15th.  On the 17th a smaller 4.8 quake rocked the Koriyama neighborhood again. February 21st brought on yet another magnitude 5.0 this time near the city of Wakayama.

  2. Thursday February 24th, 2010  at 2:12PM Hawaii time a 3.6 magnitude earthquake shakes things up in Honolulu. The quake while not major was widely felt in and arround the Honolulu area. No major damage or injuries reported so far. The quake that lasted for several seconds shook homes and people throughout Oahu, from high-rise buildings in downtown Honolulu to the tourist district of Waikiki. The quake was even felt 160 miles away in Maui. Chalk it up to another interesting experience for those visiting the island this week.

  3. Tuesday, around midday in New Zealand, people were going about their daily lives oblivious to what was about to come. Christchurch, New Zealands second largest city (400,000) was hit the hard by a 6.3 magnitude quake.  Buildings crumbled, and falling debris were everywhere. Many were trapped and unable to reach safety.

    Rescue worker have been working round the clock to attempt to reach those that trapped inside damaged buildings. 120 people have been rescued from the rubble so far, but many more are still trapped.

  4. Solar Flare

    Solar Storms are coming, Emergency Survival knowledge, and Preparedness are key. You may be asking questions like, "Exactly what is a solar storm, and how can it affect me and my family?" "What emergency survival knowledge should I know about?" "If preparedness is the key, then what should I do?" In this four part series we are going to answer these questions and provide insight into the larger picture.

  5. Solar Flare 13 February 2011


    On February 13th at 17:38 UT, an M6.6-category X-ray irradiance magnitude blast was unleashed from our sun. It errupted from sunspot 1158, and produced the largest Solar Flare of cycle 24 with an associated full halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded an intense flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation. The solar flux is  at  the highest it has been since September of 2005.

  6. The 14th of February 2010,  Valentines Day, the earth moved for some. Mt. St. Helens in Washington state experienced a 4.3 magnitude earthquake this morning at 10:58am and lasted about three minutes, and was felt as far away as Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Hood. Scientist said the earthquakes occurred in the seismic zone, which is a series of tectonic faults running beneath Mount St. Helens.  A 4.3 magnitude earthquake, may not sound like much, but when it occurs in this zone beneath an active volcano it can bring about explosive results.

  7. Earthquakes in February are kicking hard. On the first of February, Sand Point Alaska got hit with a 5.9M earthquake. Three days later on the 4th, Myanmar, India experiences a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.  Another three days pass and the Solomon Islands feel a 6.2M quake. Then on the 10th, at 14:41, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hits near the Philippines. Where will the next one be? Will it hit on the Thirteenth and continue the three day pattern?

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